Cyber Resilience – Protecting against a Data Disaster

Most organisations strategies for moving to data centers involve natural disasters and DR against an impact related to physical IT such as hardware failures, fires, floods or earthquakes. Now though companies need to take into consideration a far greater threat where a cyber attack can affect critical data. Data loss and corruption can be more damaging to an organisation than the traditional disaster threats.

Cyber resilience is looking at how organisations can better strategise to incorporate cyber attacks into their business continuity and DR strategy and take into consideration the risks and impacts associated with being hit by a cyber attack. This also involves responding and recovering from attacks as well as what to look for in modern storage solutions which have resiliency incorporated. Improved storage, better attack detection, data security and back up strategies are some of the key concepts to be shared with the audience.



Cyber Resilience – Protecting against a Data Disaster
Data Centre Africa Conference 2020: Day 2

February 14, 2020
9:00 am - 9:30 am


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