Big Data: Harnessing Digital Skills For Enabling Corporate Strategy

In the digital era, businesses are leveraging on technology to achieve corporate strategic objectives and for technology to create the expected value for an organisation it has to be complemented by the right mix of people and processes, as well as the technology that needs to be implemented and operated.The technology aspect looks at the adequacy and appropriateness of the skills required to identify the correct and efficient use of the overall data collected and what patterns and trends these represent, to ensure the smooth operation of any organisation. The big question then is, are the people charged with the implementation of these mission-critical technological decisions equipped with the appropriate competencies in the form of knowledge, skills (encompassing both tools and techniques) and experience to deliver sound, qualitative data successfully, within the defined business constraints. The first challenge affecting most economies in Africa is the adequate use of raw data in enabling corporates and organisations to arrive at crucial and necessary business decisions that will assist them in meeting their overall strategic objectives. A gap, has however been identified in the adequacy of skills and experience required to ensure that data is manipulated timeously and correctly to enable top management to arrive at ground breaking sound decisions to increase the bottom line in an effective manner.The presentation will tap into how Big Data Analytics and Data Science inarguably allow for the capability of any organisation to utilise data in a more proficient manner, and to arrive at accurate, cost effective decisions to improve the organisation’s overall business strategy.




Big Data: Harnessing Digital Skills For Enabling Corporate Strategy
Data Centre Africa Conference 2020: Day 2

February 14, 2020
2:00 pm - 2:45 pm


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