About Nadia Veeran-Patel

Nadia joined Continuity SA as an Advisor for the Cyber Resiliency Team and has 14 years of ICT experience with 4 of those years as an InfoSec Manager.
■ She had spent 3 years providing advice and assurance on these Information Security related
activities for a private organisation:
• Cyber Security Strategy
• Identifying of business critical information assets and processes
• Risk assessments, mitigation and remediation
• Security Health Checks
• Vulnerability Management
• Implementation of Security Controls (MFA, removable media device blocking)
• Security awareness programs and workshops
• Conducting Phishing campaigns with remedial training
• Data management (information lifecycle, data classification, data loss prevention and
• Supplier contract reviews wrt data management and protection
• Legislative compliance
• Application and Infrastructure Baselines
• Writing and implementing Information Security policies: Acceptable Use, Data Management,
Information Classification, Information Risk Management, Document Retention Marking and
Destruction, Removable Media Handling, Social Media and BCP and DR.
• Leading IT DR testing and planning for inclusion in the Business Continuity Plans
■ Nadia trained in the UK in the Information Assurance Maturity Model (IAMM) and successfully
adapted and implemented it in South Africa over a 12-month period.
■ Cyber Security awareness and training campaigns are her forte and she has developed
yearlong campaigns to increase awareness and decrease risk

Nadia Veeran-Patel

Cyber Resilience Manager - Continuity SA

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