About Eng. Lee Masuka

Click and Pay Investments
Co-founder and CEO
Lee is an experienced ICT Professional who has gained technological exposure in the fields of Banking, Telecommunications, Systems Security, Payments and related ICT Systems. He has worked on variety of systems in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Kenya playing key roles including as Technical Lead and Project Manager.

Lee is also a registered member of The Institute of IT Professionals South Africa (IITPSA) and has several certifications in the fields of Data Centres, IT Systems, Network and Security. He also holds several academic and professional awards. Lee has authored and designed the RFID Automated Tollgate System(RATS), and presented at the Computer and Industrial Engineering, Africa Research Science and Technology seminars and Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF). He has also worked on several technological initiatives at various institutions, including at ClicknPay where he co-founded one of the most robust and resilient e-ticketing and e-commerce system being used in Zimbabwe and abroad.

In his new research, Lee is looking into how IOT can be secured using BlockChain Technology

Eng Lee Masuka

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