About Dr Nyoni

Dr Nyoni is the Founder of Baobab Educational Assessment Centre. This is a Centre that is devoted to the assessment, remediation and advocacy for Students with Learning Difficulties. It is a project close to my heart. My personal ethos is that every child can learn. He is also involved in other Education ventures that will uplift our future generations .Dr Nyoni is a primary school trained educationist. He has 30 years experience in the education sector, across the board – from primary school teaching, through secondary schools, special education, tertiary education and education management. He is currently a Visiting Faculty at the National University of Science and Technology, where he is a Masters and PhD supervisor. He has also supervised Masters students in the United Kingdom, guiding them in their research projects. He also teaches research methods to Project Management post graduate students at PMZ. He is a former Board Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe, and current Board
Chairman of Project Management Zimbabwe (PMZ). He is the Principal Trainer at Executive Business Analysis, a company that does all aspects of Executive Management training.

Dr Themba Nyoni

Director - Baobab Educational Assessment Centre

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