The internet of things can no longer be ignored from our daily lives. All digital services such as the cloud, mobile apps and hosting services are within the walls of a data center. Africa is an emerging data center hub in the world and is steadily growing by 15% annually. Many foreign companies therefore choose Africa as the data distribution point and as the location for their headquarters.   Datacenters, a sector to be reckoned with an adequate digital infrastructure is therefore an important location factor for companies and a precondition for the international competitive position of Africa: now no less than 20% of all foreign investments relate to the digital sector. And at national level, data centers are also the foundation of our now digital economy, with an annual contribution of 1 billion to the GNP. This is an essential sector, of which we must continue to stimulate growth and development. The following policy-related questions are important here:

  • What does the growth of data centers mean for our continent and your region?
  • What is involved in the establishment of data centers?
  • What place does a data center have within a zoning plan?
  • How can data centers be used for the energy transition, for example by means of residual heat?
  • How can an attractive business climate be created for data centers and what infrastructure is needed for this?
  • What adjustments should be made at policy level to maintain and stimulate the development of the digital infrastructure?

Your Available Target Groups

  • Data Centre Professionals
  • Data Centre Owners
  • Educational Institutions
  • Data Centre Design and Build Professionals
  • Government Ministries
  • Data Centre Users

Data Centre Africa Conference is designed to deliver the future vision of the African Data Centre industry.

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