Technology develops on daily basis and data center field is changing fast. At Data Centre Africa  (DCA) we think that life is continuous education and therefore Educational institutions are a vital part of Africa’s Data Center ecosystem. Our vision is to increase awareness of data center related business on a national and international level and to secure skilled resources for the growing business area. In order to make this happen we are co-operating with educational institutions in Africa by creating more data center related knowledge and help educational institutions to educate professionals to work in the data center field. Africa is an emerging data Centre market with so many opportunities for Data Centre professional, this event will help bridge the skill gap in the data Centre industry by placing your potential employers in front of you. Africa Data Centre market show will enable different stakeholders to discuss and share the knowledge and experiences in the data center field.

Your Available Target Groups

  • Data Centre owners
  • Data Centre Build Professional
  • Data Centre Design Professionals
  • Data Centre Suppliers
  • Government Ministries

Africa’s Data Centre Market is an emerging market with plenty opportunities for data centre players to expand their businesses.

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