About Data Centre Africa Conference 2020

Inline with  accelerating growth and demand in Africa’s Data Centre industry .Data Centre Africa is proud host Data Centre Africa Conference 2020. Data Centre Africa Conference is the show that brings Data Centre stake holders in one place to discuss business with the goal to transcend the growth of Africa’s Digital Economy. Africa’s Data Centre Market is an emerging market with plenty opportunities for data centre players to maximize.

This Conference Aims to

  • Assist Data Centre stakeholders to maximize the opportunities being brought by the emerging Data Centre Market.
  • For Data Centre Vendors to sell their services to Africa Data Centre Market .
  • For Data centre Customers to compare and choose data centre services from Different Data centre Services providers.
  • Drive awareness of the industry towards stakeholders such as government, the media and society at large.
  • Express the views of the industry with regard to regulation and policy issues.
  • Promote the image and the economic importance of the data centre industry – in both short term as in the long run.
  • We want to take a leading role by facilitating members to boost operational improvements in the form of best practices, promotion of education and contributing to technical standards with which the data centre industry in Africa (and beyond) can make a difference.
  • Unite the pan-African data centre industry.
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